Finding the perfect frame for you and your face can be a challenge. Does it fit right? Does it look right? Does it feel right? Not to mention the number of options out there!

That’s where we come in. I’m going to go through the basic steps that we do with every patient that we see to make sure that they leave with the perfect glasses for you. I’ll be the patient here and Stacey is going to help out with her Optician skills.


Step 1: Come see us!

Step 2: We go through frames and find out what does and doesn’t look good or fit well.

Nope! Don’t like the color or the fit.

That’s a no. Too small…

We’re getting there. Still don’t LOVE them.

YES!! I like the fit and it feels very comfortable!


Next Stacey goes over the options for the lenses to make sure that I understand my options and what will help me see the best.

Next is measurements. She measures the distance between my pupils. Then makes sure they are straight on my face and makes where i’m looking through so when the lenses get made they can be made perfectly for me.


Once all measurements are taken she orders them.

Then they arrive!


She checks to ensure the prescription is made right.





Then makes sure they are straight.




Packages them up in their case and into a bag, ready for dispensing.











Then calls me to let me know they have arrived!








I come in and get to joyously unwrap them.





Put on the glasses and I’m good to go!




Then of course a quick shot to show off the awesomeness of the glasses!

In about a week Stacey will give you a call to make sure all is well with your new glasses. Also if you ever need any adjustments you can stop in at any time and we’ll help you out!


Come see us today and we can help you too!