Computer Vision Syndrome

You spend a great deal of your day in front of a computer, don’t you. You are in front of one right now, aren’t you? Ok, maybe you are at a tablet or smartphone, but you are staring at a bright screen, yes? Are you experiencing any sort of eye strain, headaches blurred vision other discomfort? If you are, then you may be experiencing what the American Optometric Association would like to inform you is called Computer Vision Syndrome.
As technology progresses further and faster there are a series of issues that an increasing range of individuals are experiencing that are directly related to their technological usage. This means that the more you look at computer or electronic screens the more prone you are to developing sensitivity and pain related to the use of your electronic devices. This is not to say that you should not use them, or use them as much as you do, but that if you have concerns over how this is affecting you to call your local optometrist and have a discussion about your eye health.