Computer Glasses – Children and Adults

Commonly we are told about farsightedness in youth for those who are learning to drive and others, because it is a new experience for your eyes to adjust to distance calculations and information. In older individuals it is common to focus on nearsightedness, where things do not process as well as they need to at close range.
What these two commonly diagnosed conditions ignore is that there is now a third vision complex that is developing and becoming more common. And that is that there is an ever growing population of people who are getting stuck in that mid range of 20 to 26 inches where sight becomes complicated. This is a range that is not adequately addressed by nearsighted or farsighted glasses. Additionally, because of its specific range, bifocals do not address the requirements of this range of sight problems. While some trifocals are able to help correct these vision problems, for most they do not.

So, if you are spending your days at a computer trying to get work done and are noticing that your computer screen is becoming more difficult to see, then call your optometrist at Eyes On Litchfield to see if computer glasses are right for you.