A few weekends back we were fortunate to get out of the office and down to New York! It was the annual Vision Expo East held at the Jacob Javits Center. Talk about kids in a candy shop! Try to imagine 9 football fields of space filled with different frames from all around the world…did you do it?  That’s what we walked into – a giant playground of style, color and fashion.

This is our third year going. Our goal each time is to find the next line of frames to bring into the office that’s going to give our patients the exact look and fit that’s perfect for them. Let me tell you, it’s hard to choose. It’s like walking into Target looking for that one thing and then finding the 30 other things that you didn’t know that you needed but there you are with a full cart walking out.




After checking in, we bee-lined it over to OWP.

This is a line we’ve carried from the early days of our store.




We quickly dug in to check out the amazing new frames and designs.



…And have some fun with their crew.







Needless to say, we have some new frames in the store!





After much rubbernecking at all the beautiful frames we stopped into the Acuvue booth and got to witness their new Acuvue Oasys Transition contacts in action! What an innovative idea. They transition to a darker lens in the sunlight to help protect your eyes during those sunny days!

Before                                                After


From there we searched out and found our friend Uncle Steve!

He carries a line named Linea Roma that is very stylish, to the point that we couldn’t help ourselves and went a little crazy picking stuff out… It’s based out of Miami FL and they work with 10 different European factories to be able to deliver the best quality.

Our last stop I’m going to keep a secret but we will be getting it in soon and as soon as we do i’ll put up an introduction to them… BUT i’ll give you a little sneak peak…


Needless to say we had a lot of fun in New York.  It’s great to get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the style, imagination and innovation of the business you work in. Brings some more inspiration to the day to day work you do and makes it easier to get everyone in the frames that you know are going to be perfect for them!

That’s all for now! As usual if you have any particular things you’d like to learn about or hear more about feel free to comment and we’ll add the idea into the cue!

All the best,


P.S. I’ll just add in the other photos from that day for you to check out below. 🙂