contacts for athletes

Athletic Contacts – What are they?

The age old debate, contacts versus spectacles takes a whole new meaning where athletes are concerned. While for Professors, students and those in the workplace it may not matter quite as much which one prefers, there becomes a very real consequence between one and the other for athletes. Competitive athletes who play at the highest levels need every advantage they can obtain to succeed. This means that things like spectacles that inhibit the vision field of an athlete must go.
How do glasses serve worse than contact lenses? Well, a contact is put on the eye itself, and moves with it. This allows for a relatively unimpeded vision field, based on the field of vision you possess naturally. Glasses on the other hand, in many cases, have frames that limit vision and obscure the natural field of an athlete. In addition those sports glasses that have encompassing lenses on the side, still do not provide the actual range of vision that eyes naturally have. In addition, it is easier to hurt oneself with glasses than with contacts. Is the case made for you?