Computer Eyestrain in Children

computer eyestrain in children

You are probably good at coming up with things that work for you to do that make working at your computer for extended hours an easier task, but we would like to give you some ideas of things that you can do in addition to help keep your eyes healthy.

  1. One of our favorites is to keep your font size 3 times larger than the smallest font size you can read at normal distances. This is one of the best ways to read as it is an optimal level for your eyes to focus and obtain new information.
  2. It may seem like a logical assumption, but blink more. Blinking moistens the eyes and will prevent dryness and irritation
  3. Finally, take breaks. Get up, walk around and look at other things than your computer screen. Moving around will loosen your body and help you disengage completely from the screen. It is better for your health.