I’ve heard on more than one occasion from people that they have “A case of the Monday’s” or “Is it Friday yet?”.  Have you ever heard that or maybe you yourself have said that?

From this begs the question, “How do I enjoy work?”. “How do I make each day a little more fun and exciting to entice me enough to want to get out from my warm bed and make the trek into the workplace?”

The key word to handle this is CREATE!



According to Webster’s Dictionary, create means, “to produce through imaginative skill“.

Work starts to get boring the moment you stop creating it. Think about it. When you first walked into your current job, it was new and exciting. You were figuring things out to make it better. You were excited because you were creating  the new environment; figuring out where things would go and  you knew the perfect picture to put on that wall . You were creating! No, you weren’t painting a Mona Lisa or sculpting a David but you were creating nonetheless.

I’m sure there are days that you have  fun and you leave in a great mood. I bet if you take a look at those days you’ll find that you had been creating something. You created a product or handled some problem.

For us, a task that feels like drudgery is working with insurance companies to find out eye exam coverage.  After a couple of hours of being on the phone or  the computer, we change it up a bit and do a silly video or take pictures of glasses or take sunglass selfies.  Yes, our boss pays us to take selfies. 🙂

So how do you start?  Take one thing, your desk, an assignment, a meeting and throw in something new and out of the norm. Get that imagination going.  Make that project a little more aesthetically pleasing, even if it’s just adding  flowers to the letterhead.  Put a little something of yourself into what you’re doing.  Do this a little more each day and you might just find that going to work becomes  more enjoyable.

Over to you,


(& Dr. T & Stacey)