Patient Testimonials

I have never had such an awesome experience with any doctor period! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! They were the only ones in the Torrington area to respond to my online appointment request in a timely manor. Due to my schedule I was unable to get back there and order my new glasses for 2 months and when I walked back in they greeted me by name! Pricing is on par with any of the Lenscrafters of the world who tried 2 times to get me the correct prescription and still failed.. Thank you all for the new glasses! ~Jonathon Veronneau


After 3 migraines in a week, my vision didn’t return to normal. My usual eye doctor was on vacation so I went to Eyes on Litchfield, instead. I am so impressed. Tommasina came in especially to see me, when she heard I was concerned. She was patient, calming, and reassuring; everything I needed right at that moment. She went above and beyond a regular eye exam. I feel calm and ready to enjoy the weekend but armed with advice for what to do if it gets worse. I’ll definitely be coming back! Thank you, Tommasina! ~Laura Busk

“What an amazing trip to the eye doctor today. Such a wonderful and refreshing difference to experience a doctor who truly cares about your health and well being rather than treat you as just another insurance company claim. I would highly recommend EYES on Lichfield to anyone who needs a new eye care professional. Actually, even if you don’t “need” a new eye doctor, make an appointment anyway. You will probably find out you did need a new doctor anyway!
Superb!!” ~Matt Chaponis

“I really do love this place, I’d initially damaged my older glasses and by recommendation of a family member I’d called this place up b/c I’d otherwise have had to take them back to the original store in NY, so amazing customer service there. I also have to comment on the actual space because its a fun and well curated space, a really cool selection of frames that aren’t typical finds, more of a boutique experience without the price, also are really great in quality, manufacturing and design, despite not initially wanting/thinking I needed new glasses I’d totally fallen in love with a pair of frames while they were rebuilding my old frames that they didn’t have to touch let alone fix. They did a great job of repairing my frames, but just upon entry its not your average optical store/optometrists office, its a fun space, that also provides amazing service but also has a really welcoming atmosphere which makes finding great designs, (and in my case BEAUTIFUL and LIGHT lenses- am terribly nearsighted and they’re spectacularly light) but it makes finding glasses more fun- as it should be!!” ~Heather Smart

“Tommasina is amazing and fun! The whole staff is great with kids too! They are very knowledgeable and professional!” ~Teresa Spring

“I feel it is important for me to take a moment to mention my very positive experience at Eyes on Litchfield. I have struggled a very long time to get the right glasses with the proper prescription and thanks to Dr. Sideris I now have them!
Everyone at Eyes on Litchfield take a personal interest in anyone who walks in through the door and I highly recommend them for your eyecare needs!”
~Jim McCron

“A sign at the Commons Drive said, “Cool eyeglasses” are here.
I went in and the friendly manager picked some frames for me to wear.
I told him my previous experiences were not nice.
He listened to me patiently and referred me to Dr. Sideris’ advice.
She listened, examined, was knowledgeable and kind.
She used the precise equipment and kept me in mind,
From frames to lenses, my needs she knew,
Gave me choices and suggestions as what to do.
Expertise in eye care she is, you can tell.
Because comfortably and clearly, I now can see well.
~Marcelene Vingo

“I love Eyes On Litchfield! Tommasina and her staff are so friendly and extremely knowledgeable! Christian is amazing at picking the right glasses for your face, a true talent! Dr. Tommasina Pasqua Sideris’ exam was great! She is so friendly, thorough, easy to talk to, and she explained everything every step of the way and I even got a little lesson on what a healthy optic nerve looks like! I will definitely be recommending Eyes On Litchfield to everyone I know. I love my new glasses! Her office is amazing too and you get to pick from designers that not everyone carries because she’s searched outside the box to make her clients stand out trendsetters!” – Katie Merrow

“A really amazing team… Dr. Tommasina is so caring, thoughtful and thorough. Christian is great at helping you pick frames to match your personal style. You can truly tell this team cares about everything they do. And I love the fun and stylish feel of the office!” ~ Brook Noel

“My testimony about my new and wonderful Optometrist
Tommasina Pasqua Sideris Owner at:
EYES ON LITCHFIELD starts a few years back!
I have Macular Degeneration which I inherited from my incredible Mother who’s been legally blind for the past 25 plus years now!
I’ve been going to the big box vision care centers here in CT as you all know of for the past 10 years feeling like a number and a dollar sign with these machine type vision centers having all who seek vision help going from room to room, talking with person after person, getting tests after tests, year after year and not feeling any better leaving, in fact, always worse, as did my wife who has just the need for contacts and glasses, but with no issues like mine I’m happy to say!
I wasn’t nor do I seek sympathy or even empathy, I just wanted someone to speak with me on a human level that seems to be lacking in this industry!
So one day, my wife needing more contacts and equally frustrated with the big box vision centers we reluctantly supported, she decided to have an eye exam at a place located next to an eye glass sales center locally!
When she was done with her exam, she said that I might want to speak with and perhaps have her new eye doctor ( Tommasina ) take a look into my eyes
Her manner, kindness and expertise was quite moving to me in every aspect! She helped my vision better within one visit than I’ve known in over 10 years! She was and is the most lovely, compassionate person in this industry I/we’ve ever experienced!
When it was time for us to have another eye exam, she wasn’t where we last went, so we sought her out and happily we found her in Litchfield opening her new and Fun Vision Care Center EYES ON LITCHFIELD and we were and are elated!
I just received my new sunglasses today and am thrilled to have this vision back after so very long!
My wife Patti and I have become fast friends with Tommasina on both professional and personal levels and we just Love Her! To whomever needs any vision care, please visit our wonderful lovely incredible Dr. Tommasina! You’ll know first hand exactly how I/we feel!
Eyes on Litchfield gets 5 stars!”
Greg & Patti Maher
(Photo of Dr. Tommasina and Greg wearing his cool new polarized shades).

         “Tommasina Pasque Sideris is knowledgeable and caring! You won’t get a more personal eye exam experience anywhere. From basic eye care to contact lenses to macular degeneration your needs are her priority. Gregory and I are thrilled that she has opened her own office/eyeglass shop. If you’re looking for someone to take care of your vision needs, make a call to EYES on Litchfield today!”
~Patti Maher