prescription diving goggles

Eyewear for the Nautically Inclined

Just so you are aware, your vision impairment does not need to inhibit you on your quest to accomplish all the activities that you would like to do in your life. For many their eyesight is not severe enough to require them to actually take corrective measures to swim or go scuba diving, but it is recommended for those in these cases to wear soft contact lenses. This will prevent excessive irritation from bothering your eyes while you are swimming and diving. One of the main irritants with hard contact lenses is that bubbles can form between a hard lens and the eye, causing blurred vision and other effects.

Now, for the more severely vision impaired individual who does not want to miss out on the fun of going diving and seeing in the ocean, then we can help you with the solutions for this too. While more expensive, there are custom made prescription lens masks that can be made to help you see under the water without compromising the experience. Call Eyes On Litchfield if you have more questions.