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corneal transplant surgery

Ready for your Corneal Transplant?

A corneal transplant is a procedure that should not be a first choice for most corrective processes to an individual’s vision. This is a surgery that requires many factors to work in the patient’s favor, so it is usually best to exhaust other options like corrective lenses cannot restore vision function, if swilling in your eyes cannot be relieved by medicine even specialized corrective lenses.
There are many conditions that may increase the odds of corneal failure, so you should have your doctor check for any of them if you experience swelling in your eyes and if your glasses and medicine are not working.
Eyes On Litchfield can help you determine if this process is a good candidate for you. We will want to evaluate your charts to ensure that you are a good candidate for this process and then help you find a compatible corneal donor so that we can effect this surgery with the fewest risks possible. We will educate you as well as possible to ensure that you go into this surgery with the best information available.